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Whole and Well Co. offers a range of services both in office and virtually to serve your wellness needs. 

The therapies described below will require in office visits.

Our office is located in Plentywood, Montana.

Dr Rachel Borntrager visiting with young girl in her office

Electrodermal Screening (EDS)

EDS is a Computer-based system of examining the body for inflammation or deficiency. Using Chinese acupuncture points known and recognized for thousands of years, energy levels are measured and recorded as they relate to various organs and organ systems. These readings will relay the information from the body of either inbalances, inflammation, or deficiency. Then if needed, an appropriate nutritional and/or lymphatic program can be outlined to help restore the body back to balance.

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Kloud+ by Centropix

Centropix proudly introduces the Kloud+ Technology. The Kloud+ system can help protect, activate and regenerate your body, improve your energy, and boost performance and well-being.

The Kloud+ Supports...

  • Molecular Activation

  • Energy and Endurance

  • Performance

  • Weight Management

  • Physical Regeneration

  • Rapid Recovery

  • Mental Acuity

  • Concentration

  • Stress Reduction

Shop Centropix here.

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The Carters Technique

The Carters Technique of fluid management (targeting the deep interstitial fluid) this is used to stimulate the lymphatic flow by removing blockages, thus helping to build the immune system. Other uses are for relief from chest congestion, ear discomfort, swelling, skin issues, sluggish intestinal tract and other imbalances in the body.

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Gemini Detox Bath

The Gemini Detox Bath is a therapeutic instrument used for cleansing the internal tissues of the body and inducing energetic balance through a water bath for the feet. The stimulation technology in the Gemini provides a DC electrical field that has been found to be beneficial for nourishing the living energy field. Where the electrical energy is blocked in the meridian system, the flow of healthy energy is stopped. When using the Gemini, these pathways are recharged and opened. Cells are then oxygenated for accelerated cellular respiration and finally, toxins are released into the lymph system and are electro-magnetically attracted to the soles of the feet and into the water. Tissues and organs are cleansed through this process, improving overall health.

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Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy works by using red and near-red infrared lights to break down fat cells and release their contents to the bloodstream, to be used or removed by the body with no harmful side effects or invasive procedures! Red light therapy has been shown to improve acne and scaring, as well as improve sprains and sports injuries, migraines and headaches. Skin conditions such as stretch marks, psoriasis, sun damage and eczema have also shown improvement in studies using red light therapy. The system even includes a face shield that boosts collagen and elastin, lessening wrinkles and fine lines!

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