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Have you ever felt discouraged in your

own health or wellness?

Maybe you started looking for answering only to be told...
"You'll just have to deal with this for the rest of your life"
"Here is another script to get filled and I'll see you again in 3-6 months to see if it's working"

As a Dr. of natural medicine and overall advocate for natural wellness & solutions, it is my focus when serving my clients to identify and work to fix theroot causes!

Dr Rachel Borntrager smiling in front of a tin building

You can't heal what you can't identify.


Root identification leads us to a roadmap for complete healing from the inside out.


I don't know about you, but I prefer COMPLETE solutions!

Introducing our Ditch the Sugar Program

Ditch the Sugar Promotional Mockup

Ditch the Sugar is a 30 day, grow as you go course that teaches the fundamentals of living a sugar free life, not to be confused with a sugar less life!

This course addresses the top concerns for individuals embarking on a wellness journey with their first stop in SUGAR TOWN!


Inside You Will Learn How To:

  • Cut down cravings

  • Knock out additives and artificial sweeteners

  • Use some tasty new recipes

  • Utilize mindset work & daily/ weekly planning

  • Manage Your grocery shopping lists & receive sample meal plan ideas

  • Use better ingredients and identify sugars benefits and costs


PLUS - You are invited to join our Whole & Well Co. community page for additional support!

"Grace is the voice that calls us to change & then gives us the power to pull it off."
Max Lucado

If you're feeling the tug to change something about your life, then realize that the same Creator that called you to the change that you're seeking will send you people to stand in the gap & see you through that change.

Ditch The Sugar doors are staying OPEN!

This 30-day self-paced course for those of you who are ready to ditch the sugar! Break up with the effects that sugar is having on your body, be set free from sugar alternatives that are wrecking your gut health and beyond and take control over this one area that expands into so many other things!

30 Day Ditch the Sugar Challenge Graphic
Bath salts and face roller on a white counter
Increase your energy, mood, boost your immune system and enhance your rest!

Food journal, pantry list, recipes, shopping list and more are provided! Understanding is half of the battle. 

Why do we need to ditch the sugar?

Sugar is one of the most inflammatory substances we can put in our body. Yes, there are others that are more inflammatory but this one is killing us as a society. It's added into EVERYTHING that is considered shelf stable- pasta sauces, cereals, canned fruits & veggies, granola bars, cereal bars- Think kid food & there's added sugar.

So, what does sugar really do to our bodies?

When you eat refined sugar, such as processed foods like so many popular snacks, drinks and the likes, it can cause a flood of dopamine (a brain chemical that helps us feel happiness or pleasure) in the center of the brain.

This is why people who eat lots of refined sugar find themselves reaching for it more and more―because it will produce these happy feelings. Americans are at an all-time high of sugar consumption with the average adult consuming close to 146 pounds PER YEAR.


Marketing companies have taken the addictiveness of added sugar and used it to market to your feelings. Name the company whose slogan says, "It's not fast food, it's fan food!" Junk food packed with added sugars. processed ingredients add to the dopamine until you want more and more.  The end results are we are the ones losing. Diabetes, heart disease. fatty liver disease... You name it, added sugar is causing inflammation & wreaking havoc on your body.

According to Harvard Health, “Americans take in an average of more than 17 teaspoons of sugar (about 290 calories) a day from added sugars, often in sweetened beverages, far more than recommended.

Sugar is added to countless food products, including breads, condiments, dairy-based foods, nut butters, salad dressings, and sauces.

The sugar is added not just to impart sweetness. It's also used to extend shelf life and adjust attributes like the texture, body, color, and browning capability of food.

This leads me back to this topic: Where do you start when you feel like there are SO MANY things to be aware of? 

It had to start with me and it DID start with me!

Understanding the ins and outs of sugar and the effects on the body is the transformation I started with FIRST. This helped me experience a 70 pound loss. It helped me shed inflammation, boosted my energy and started removing excess bad gut bugs that were wreaking havoc. 

5 powerful girls standing dressed in black clothing
Now It's YOUR Turn...
For 30 days dive into what it looks like to kick the sugar and keep it gone.
  • Become educated on how you’re consuming sugar, alternative sweeteners and different forms of sugar that aren’t serving the goals you have!

  • Make changes that help you ditch the cravings

  • Reduce inflammation and re-energize your body!

  • Shed some sticky pounds

  • Love the food you eat without the guilt

  • Set goals you actually achieved

I did it. Our clients are doing it. So can you.

Ditch the Sugar Course



A 30 Day, grow as you go course that teaches the fundamentals of living a sugar free life!

30 Daily Informational Tasks

Resources, Recipes, and More

Access to our Private Community

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